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The Virtual Graveyard

These unfortunate airplanes and their pilots have at one time earned The Golden Shovel Award. "The Shovel" is a Post 117 tradition that dates back to the late 1980's.  Post 117 R/C pilots who "have a bad day" are presented with "The Shovel" to ceremonially bury their fallen aircraft.  The planes are not actually buried and actual digging with "The Shovel" is prohibited.  The section below is dedicated to the memory of the ships we've lost along the way.

barron.jpg (33908 bytes) Stars and stripes forever.... Nevermore
chrome.jpg (53805 bytes) Stupid gravity
planepole1.JPG (34403 bytes) Run it up the flag pole and salute it
easysport.jpg (55951 bytes) Controlled flight into terrain
burning easy sport.jpg (56548 bytes) "Goodness Gracious!  Great Balls of Fire!"
cords.jpg (56661 bytes) Good old fashioned plane wreckin'